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Through the Guides is a documentary featuring fly fishing guides who show us how to read water, catch more fish, & love the places fishing takes us. Every guide has a story beyond their last trip & fishing report that we don’t see. Through the Guides explores the person behind the reel, accentuating their passion to pursue the lifestyle that defines them.

Hilary Hutcheson

Hard work, appreciation for nature, and a love of the outdoors, wraps up Hilary into a short sentence. Learning how to guide, row, and fish from her mentor at Glacier Raft Company in West Glacier, MT at the age of 14, she hasn’t slowed down since.

An angler, a guide, an entrepreneur, a mother, and a wife. Hilary left the mountains of Northwest Montana briefly, but their call brought her home where she’s been ever since. She is a vocal and progressive advocate for the rivers, mountains, and fish that she loves. Have you been trying to ignore that voice in the back of your mind beckoning you into the mountains? She’s your guide to show you native trout and whitewater all in the same trip.

Greg Dini

Growing up in Florida with miles of flats fisheries at your fingertips seems like a dream for most fly anglers, but for Greg Dini, it was the reality of his youth. Mastering the flats of Mosquito Lagoon by high school, he left for college to play baseball, eventually landing in New Orleans.

Rather than returning to coach baseball at his alma mater after a stint playing professional ball, his thousands of hours logged in the marsh with rod in hand and from the polling platform led him to coaching of another sort — guiding anglers chasing redfish and tarpon. Greg is the owner and lead guide at Fly Water Expeditions in New Orleans, LA. Dreaming of catching a redfish of a lifetime? Yeah, he’s the man you want to talk to.

Alvin Dedeaux

Since the age of twelve, he’s carried a fly rod across the waters of Texas. The question isn’t what has he done, it’s what hasn’t he done. Rock band musician? Check. Colorado trout guide? Check. Expert in Guadalupe bass psychology and linguistics. Check, check.

Alvin is Central Texas’ premier fly fishing guide with over 20 years of experience on the waters of the heart of the Texas Hill Country and beyond. He is the owner and lead guide at All Water Guides which was named a finalist for the Orvis Endorsed Guide Service of the Year award in 2015. Ever run full throttle up a three-inch-deep riffle in a skiff? No? Give Alvin a call. You can do that and catch bass on a big ol’ spun deer hair fly.




Alvin Dedeaux

Greg Dini

Hilary Hutcheson

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Ryan O'Connor

Russel Pryor


Paul Pryor

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Winston Cundiff

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All Water Guides, Texas

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